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Animated Mushrooms

Small Mushrooms

1 Fisherman

2 Biker

3 Clown

4 Builder

5 Santa

6 Viking

7 Nurse

8 Fireman

9 Policeman

10 Drunk

11 Golfer

12 R.A.F

13 Boxer

14 Chef

15 Party Girl

16 Horsey Lady

17 Army

18 Large  Toadstool

19 Smiling

20 Reggae

21 Crying

22 Wood

23 Medium  Toadstool

24 Large   Mushroom

25 Medium    Mushroom

35 Winking

36 Pirate

26 Small Flat   Toadstool

27 Small

Toadstool Cluster

28 Small   Toadstool

29 Small Flat    Mushroom

30 Small

Mushroom Cluster

31 Small   Mushroom

32 Baby

33 Glasses

34 Smiling

Our Animated Mushroom range gives the garden a touch of light hearted humour.  The Mushrooms are only available in the Bathstone finish, with an average size of 420mm high and 350mm wide.

All sizes are approximate

The smaller Mushrooms look great alongside their larger cousins or are ideally suited to add a subtle touch, with an average size of 210mm high and 150mm wide.  These are also only available in Bathstone.

All sizes are approximate